Rental FAQs

Important Rental Information

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Read our Rental FAQs carefully, if you need additional information or need more information, contact us.

Yes, it is option-able and costs an additional 20% of your total rental cost. If you DO NOT purchase insurance you are 100% liable. Liability waivers will be signed and initialed for all rentals.

Yes, You must pick up a parking pass and a watercraft use pass as well. These passes can be found at grocery stores or gas stations on your way to the lake.

For the Jet Ski rentals a 2 inch trailer ball is needed. For UTVs and Malibu boat rentals a 2 5/6 trailer ball is needed.

Minimum required to tow is a .5 ton truck.

We can provide a tow vehicle for an additional cost. Call 480-292-6100 with more questions.

You must be 18 years old to rent.

No, The owner of the card MUST be the person to pick up the equipment.

The deposit can ONLY be put on a credit/debit card and takes an average of 3-10 business days to be released back to your account.

Any rental rented earlier than 12PM on the pickup date must be returned by 12PM on the dropoff date otherwise ONE ADDITIONAL DAY will be added to the total rental period.

  • ATVs: $300 per ATV
  • Jet Ski's: $600 for a pair
  • UTVs: $1000 per UTV
  • Boats: $1000 per Boat